Nov 1, 2010

Into the rain we go:

  IMG_3529 Fall in Washington means, RAIN, and boy has it been raining a lot here. Not a little drizzle rain either, but thundering, pouring, soaking your clothes in moments rain. After spending a long cozy morning at home working and playing we went to the beach despite the increment weather. Bundled up, wearing rain boots (colored on with sharpie by mama) my preschooler was ready to go adventuring. We got to the  beach and walking along the path a woman passed us talking about a baby seal. We’ve seen a few of them at the ferry dock next too big signs saying, DON’T COME CLOSE! with bold warnings and statements. The mama seals hunt during the day, leaving their pups safely on the shore  to rest. I told the women this information, how the mamas come back at night and feed their young, she still seemed very worried.

We stayed far away (I used a strong zoom for these photos) and looked quietly at the baby. The waves were loud and crashing, it was exciting to see them hit the sand.

The little birds (one is below) are sandpipers I think and they make the most amazing noise when flying, its like a shrill cry. I love it. Fall means rain, but it does not mean staying indoors.

I heard this man talking about blogs the other day, and he made a comment about how “…blogs are about reality as much as reality television is about reality.”

It made me pause, because I sometimes think that when I read blog after blog full of “perfect moments” or stories of wonderful days full of laughter and children having fun.  I think-what about all the other stuff? We do have fun and great times, the majority of our life is GOOD, but its not the whole picture, not even close, there are tantrums, fits, yelling (uh, by us all!) puppies peeing, bills paid late, frustrations and tears too. I think the tendency is to focus on the positive moments, making a record of our days that reflect the good times. But…sometimes it rings false and I long for more reality, more real connections. So-hello! At this very moment! My 3.75 year old is in time out, our sink is full of dishes and the dog is chasing the cat. But we had a fun time at the beach, so let me share those photos and this truth too.



 IMG_3505    IMG_3522

   IMG_3534                    IMG_3495            IMG_3497

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  1. I need to do a better job of getting outside even when the weather is icky. The fresh air would be good for both of us. Guess I need to buy some rainboots!
    And I think that the majority of the blogs I follow are pretty good about putting it all out there- good, bad, ugly. It certainly isn't all sunshine and roses around here, either. :)